Welcome the New Year, Enjoy Happiness Together
date:2020-01-21 16:08:22

In order to enrich the campus cultural activities for international students, deepen the communication and affection between Chinese and foreign students, and welcome the New Year, on the afternoon of December 28, international students and students from English-taught class attended "celebrate winter solstice, welcome New Year's day" activity.

This activity is mainly divided into the completion of the game task and eating Chinese tangyuan two parts. First of all, international students and students from English-taught class in a mixed team to complete the game task, throughout the school to find the designated color ball, and according to the clues to complete the final task. The students actively participated in and helped each other. The activity ended with laughter. The three teams with outstanding performance won the first, second and third prizes respectively. Then, all the students gathered in the west canteen to taste tangyuan.This activity strengthened the cohesion among students and deepened international students' understanding of Chinese traditional culture.

Chinese and foreign heart, together in FUIST. Let's wish the friendship between Chinese and foreign students everlasting.

International Education Center

December 28, 2019